Whoosh down our crazy thrilling fun filled variety of 29+ slides .Spoil yourself on the lazy river or hold your breath and feel blood rush to your head as you get pulled 5 floors down on the mtundu slides

Kunduchi's waterpark is redefining this. What we have for you is water and water in its abundance. With 7 swimming pools( and more on the way) varied in depth and design, your children and you would have a spot to splash around, cool down and have much deserved fun. Other than this you and team of could indulge in leagued of watersport from water polo to water volley, sliding competition and any water related nail biting sport that you would want to do.

We have also taken drastic and very necessary steps to make sure that your safety comes first. We have a team of lifeguards that make sure that as you have fun you do so safely.