For all the events that you would like to do or love to be part of, Kunduchi's Wet 'N' Wild waterpark has the capacity and man power to hold such for you.

We have over the years done an array of customized event for our different clientele and also with some of our strategic partners we held our very own branded events that have seen participation with a good number of walk in clientele.

Family / Corporate Day Out and Team Building

Kunduchi Wet 'N' Wild - for all your corporate outings and venue that require capacity, facilities and manpower to host those memorable event that you would want. We also cater for the needs and requests at a personalized and more customized level for each client that would want to have their event at the Kunduchi water park.

Kunduchi's waterpark also boast a team of very competent team building experts and facilitators for this particular group.

Weddings, Birthday Parties and Graduation Parties

With a vast space and several points of sale for food and beverage supported by the availability of state of the art public address system, knowledgeable personnel who deal with every nitty gritty details of event planning and execution, Kunduchi water park is the most favorable venue for all your family moments.

What Kunduchi Water park boasts is that the entire venue could be secluded for your private or one of the many venues can be set for your event.

Schools Feild Trips

They work hard and play even harder…ofcourse each any every school child needs this as part of their positive development.

Kunduchi Wet 'N' Wild boast an exquiste environment for school children of all grades to play and learn with each other.

We have well trained lifeguards who will ensure that this play area is nothing but secure and also competent swimming instructors who would correctly nurture the aspiring swimmers to greatness

Music Festival

With the capacity to hold over 12,000 revelers at one go and with the spirit of youth embedded in us, Kunduchi Wet N Wild has been the venue of choice to very many musical and other festivals. With an ample and secure parking space, beefed up security to ensure that all of the patrons are feeling nothing but fun in the sun.

Fashion Show

With a beautiful stage that is well in view from all the corners of Kunduchi Wet N Wild laced with the aesthetics of the venue's design Kunduchi Wet N Wild is well sourced to host fashion shows and gala dinners and dancers to magically lift your spirit as you watch the models strut or tap your feet to the beat that has filled the air.

Sponsored Events

We have been able to work with a list of corporates in conceptualizing and executing a number of events both private and open to the public.

With a good reputation of security and with ample parking for you, Kunduchi Wet N Wild is where you need to be when having that event that would get you the numbers and mileage for your brand .

Get together party

Okay so it has been long since you last had time to sit back and have a good time with family and friends…and probably you have no idea where to take them and so that they have the time of their lives.

Kunduchi Wet N Wild is where you need to bring them so that you and every member of your family and entourage could enjoy.

We cater for the young, the young at heart and the not so young, giving them each the attention and care that they need inorder to have a brilliant outing.

College/ Institutions

Flaunt your style ,show the world that you are young and very capable and you know what you want.Kunduchi Wet N Wild is the place to do this.

We have every thing that you need in your check list, from a state of the art PA system, a DJ who lis locked and ready to fire out all the tracks that you love, the facilities to hold nail biting watersports for teams and duos and ofcourse a choice of locations for which you could gather up and mingle.

We also serve as the best place for that graduation party that you want to have or that bash that you have been planning for the longest of months